Watch Out For The Weather

For those of you in more temperate climates, you can ignore this one. If you are in the areas of the country experiencing zero and subzero weather right now, please take the time to revisit the travel safety tips and winter weather rules.

Weather Safety Rules
If a Blizzard Traps You in Your Automobile

* Avoid overexertion and exposure. Attempting to push your car, shovel heavy drifts, and other difficult chores during a blizzard may cause a heart attack even for someone in apparently good physical condition.
* Stay in your vehicle. Do not attempt to walk out of a blizzard. Disorientation comes quickly in blowing and drifting snow. You are more likely to be found when sheltered in your car.
* Keep fresh air in your car. Freezing wet snow and wind driven snow can completely seal the passenger compartment.
* Beware the gentle killers: Carbon monoxide and oxygen starvation. Run the motor and heater sparingly, and only with the downwind window open for ventilation. Make sure the tailpipe is unobstructed.
* Exercise by clapping hands and moving arms and legs vigorously from time to time, and do not stay in one position for long.
* Turn on dome light at night. It can make your vehicle visible to work crews.
* Keep watch. Do not allow all occupants of the car to sleep at once.

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