The Northfield-Grand Island, NE Connection Via Germany

I’m always amazed how interconnected things are these days. This link to the Grand Island, Nebraska Daily Independent talks about Northfielder Yogi Reppmann meeting with Ken Gnadt, the former mayor of Grand Island and a man I’m pleased to say I worked for. In 2003 I wrote an editorial piece for The Independent about my trip to Germany. You can read it here.

The whole nexus is framed around mutual friends in Germany.

It’s a small world!

Here’s a picture of me with the Governor of Schleswig-Holstein and her assistant in 2002 while visiting Bad-Segebad. The following photo shows Yogi Reppmann (left) and an associate at Bag Segeberg. You can also visit the previous link I posted about my trip to Germany. Note the Governor’s ball cap and the coffe mug to the left on the table next to me.

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