The “Gift” that Keeps on Giving

Most of us in the law enforcement business have folks that just can’t seem to ever let go of some irritation that we were involved in. Recently, I was reminded by this when a friend send me a post from a web site that spoke is less than favorable terms about something I was involved in a whole bunch of years ago.

My first reaction was to staunchly defend the situation, especially because they sucked my family into the discussion. After giving some thought, however, I figured it was best to let something that happened well in the past…well…stay in the past.

It’s important to not dwell on past things that cause you pain or make you feel depressed. Of course you have to work through the situations but you don’t have to live there in the present.

God’s hope is that we look to the future. We need to live with a forgiving grace that He has made available to us and to move forward, looking to the future.

About Gary Smith

Chief Smith has served over 31 years in the criminal justice field. He is currently a consultant assisting public and private organizations better establish community goals and ethical conduct with the members of their organizations. Chief Smith serves as a facilitator, lecturer, professor and other capacities both inside and outside the criminal justice field.
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