Officer Memorials

Senior Patrol Agent David Norman Webb, 35, of the US Department of Homeland Security, Border Patrol died on November 3rd as the result of an automobile accident.

Agent Webb had served his agency for 3 years. He was also an Army National Guard veteran. He his survived by his wife, two young sons and parents.

Deputy Sheriff William Tiedeman, 54, of the Virginia Beach, VA Sheriff’s Office died of a heart attack on November 7th while participating in defense tactics training.

Deputy Tiedeman had served his agency for 12 years. He also served in the US Navy for over 23 years retiring as a Senior Chief. He is survived by his wife, son, grandson, brother, and sister.

Investigator David Petzold, 32, of the Upper Saucon Township, Pennsylvania Police Department was stuck and killed on November 9th by a vehicle while he was attempting to remove a dear carcass from the roadway.

Investigator Petzold had served his agency for 9 years and had also served as a special agent with the FBI for 1 year. He is survived by his wife and 3 children.

Deputy Sheriff Brian Tephford, 34, of the Broward County, Florida Sheriff’s Department was shot and killed while conducting a vehicle stop. The incident occurred on November 11th and Deputy Tephford died an hour later on the 12th. Deputy Tephford was sitting in his patrol car running the suspect on his computer when he was shot.

Deputy Tephford had served his agency for 6 years. He is survived by 3 children.

Deputy Sheriff William (Joe) Hudnall, 43, of the Kern County, California Sheriff’s Department was killed when his vehicle was struck head-on by a drunk driver on November 14th.

Deputy Hudnall had served his agency for 9 years. He is survived by his wife and 4 children.

Deputy Sheriff Dennis Wright Sr., 52, of the Effingham County, Georgia Sheriff’s Department was killed in an automobile accident on November 17th.

Deputy Wright had served his agency for 8.5 years. He is survived by his daughter and 2 sons.

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