Officer Memorials

Corporal Scott Severns, 36, of the South Bend, Indiana Police Department died on April 23rd from gunshots he received two days earlier while attempting to take police action during a robbery while he was off duty.

Corporal Severns had served his department for 8 years. He is survived by his parents and a sister.

Trooper Craig J. Todeschini, 25, of the New York State Police was killed in an automobile accident on April 23, 2006.

Trooper Todeschini had served his department for 3 years and six months. He is survived by his expectant wife.

Police Officer Jeremy Chambers, 27, of the Cahokia, Illinois Police Department died as a result of an automobile crash on April 24th while involved in a vehicle pursuit. Officer Chambers’ vehicle was struck head-on by a drunk driver.

Officer Chambers had served his department for two years and five months. He is survived by his father and his brother.

About Gary Smith

Chief Smith has served over 31 years in the criminal justice field. He is currently a consultant assisting public and private organizations better establish community goals and ethical conduct with the members of their organizations. Chief Smith serves as a facilitator, lecturer, professor and other capacities both inside and outside the criminal justice field.
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