Lifelong Learning

It’s been a busy week. I mentioned earlier this week that I took some vacation time off to attend a training opportunity. I’ve spent this past week as a guest of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando, Florida. OCSO is a class act and I was impressed with the willingness of their staff at their training division to allow a few of us outside their organization to attend.

The agency serves over 1 million residents and an additional 43 million visitors. This area suffered some significant damage as a result of the onslaught of hurricanes this year. It is remarkable how quickly the residents here have been able to get things back to normal.

The time invested was time well spent; however, I’ll be glad to get back home, cold weather and all. I’ve got to admit that now matter how many times I travel south during the holiday season, it’s still a different feeling to hear music of the holiday season played in 75 degree weather with people shopping for presents in shorts and sandals.

About Gary Smith

Chief Smith has served over 31 years in the criminal justice field. He is currently a consultant assisting public and private organizations better establish community goals and ethical conduct with the members of their organizations. Chief Smith serves as a facilitator, lecturer, professor and other capacities both inside and outside the criminal justice field.
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